Let the winds from the moon,
Whisper in your ears,
The odes of travelers,
Let the sky drizzle stars,
And lakes be filled with lights,
In which you bathe anew ,
Let your brush on canvas,
Unravel a new story,
That which be told for ages,
Let the incense from clouds,
Descend as petrichor,
And Waft with you to the hills,
Let your voice strike a cord,
And music flow through ,
the veins of the leaves,
Let a cold summer breeze,
Dangle your beach cut hair,
Let your dreams take you there,
Where galaxies finally meet ,
All the lost dreamers,
Let the night sky turn darker,
And the oceans bluer,
Let the cities get calmer,
And you lose yourself forever,
Let your lips smile at the world,
With your eyes speaking your heart,
Let you travel the time and space,
And be the wanderlust ,
who has a summer dream.
BATMAN VS SUPERMAN!!! dark knight and the kryptonian -batman vs superman: fantasy, poem, superheroes, batman, superman, wonderwoman, justice league, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Like the dew of the early dawn,
Slipping from the petals of orchid,
Your thoughts slip over my psyche,
Bewitching and slowly,
I drown in it,
Helpless I am,
And when I hear the breeze,
Rising from your meadows,
It sings ode of your persona,
Of which I wish to be a stanza,
The one with relentless rhyme,
For when you sing your life,
Your lips must hum my name,
And when I write my life,
My pen must ink your reign,
Dear friend,
What are you?
If you are not an addiction.

Wake up from this salubrious sleep,
End this enchanting devil’s dance,
For you know the time shan’t return,
To give them another chance,
Bewitch the forlorn and afraid,
Arouse the valor with wizardry glance,
Take the poison rubbed arrows,
Foster the calm archer’s stance,
Another night, while the dragon sleeps,
Unsheathe the sword, sharp the lance,
When the ogres merry the night,
Slaughter the werewolves disguised as lambs,
Let the uproar of their deaths echo,
Along with your wizardry charms,
And then it will be time to go,
To again end an enchanting dance,
In the black mystic woods I think,
Miles away from your magical France.    

I see men come and men go,
Like the wind on meadows that flow,
I hear them whisper deep desires,
Like the arrows that the mind fires,
I see them chase the city glitters,
To finally fall like the tree that withers,
I feel their agony behind the smiles,
Which sparks a heart-fire from miles,
I see them curse the dawning sun,
And not see the amber melt in the sapphire ocean,
I see them walk like a lifeless herd,
All clamoring but none to be heard,
I see them whimper silent weep,
And the endless grey in their eyes deep,
I see them fall by a breeze of pain,
Drowning in its endless daunting rain,
I see them and when I finally see me,
I see a great desire to be free,
But when I ask, for what good of life
Have you homed the dead willow tree?
 Quiet and masked in the vicious worldly glow,
They leave me to see hapless men come and go.

(This poem was to celebrate World Book Day on 23-April. Thanks for reading)

Pointy edge of the charcoal beast,
Scribbling on the dead white papers,
With his dexterous mind,
Brisk in its flamboyant flavors,
The echoes of the corporal voices,
Preaching mundane lesson,
Urging him to stay chained,
In their vicious, bounded garrison,
But he chooses to sneak away,
To the farfetched world, beyond their vision,
For he is “The Artist”,
Free like the ravens over Himalayas,
Zillion thoughts sparking his mind,
Like the luminous thunders at dark nights,
What can he be more?
The celebrated creative learner.

( This post is dedicated to a friend of creative wit, Jaswanth)  

So what are you here for?
The Kryptonian asked,
While he pulled his red drape near,
In the aisle of medical hall,
Backache! The Dark Knight uttered,
Slipping a prescription on the pharmacist desk,
he muttered,
You are so powerful with the Kryptonian muscle,
Enough to defeat Lex Luther in a simple wrestle,
Then what has put you in such a hassle?
(Batman smirks)

The scorching sun has given me burns,
When I fly, my Kryptonian skin churns,
My freeze breath does not cool me anymore,
Wonder-Woman admitted me here for the right cure,

(Few seconds of awkward silence
 and then…)

I know your work out is wide spoken,
How could this disease have you taken?
(Superman grinned)

Constant traffic and the narrow Gotham aisle,
I had a spine ache driving the bat mobile,
The doctor says I must resort to rest,
And call Joker to forgo crime,
At the doctor’s behest,

And they shook hands for all time sakes,
Walked away with their slithering capes…

(Meanwhile, 384,400 km away at watch-Tower......)
Where are they, the two helpless freak?
Cried in unison, the hall of Justice League!!!!

For the long lost deity in the pages,
Of the epic so told,
Tested at the behest of faith,
Who were they?
Blind and deaf?
To have the lady undressed in the court,
The pride of Panadavas,
Praying for help,
Placed at peril by the cruel,
Yes, the deemed creator!
And the Helen had wept alone,
When the troy turned into ashes,
She still does for the historian masses,
Credit her the apocalypse,
Aren’t they?
Hundred years ahead,
From the ages of suppressed women,
We still look at the horizon,
For the equality, to sweep in,
Don’t we?


The least judged,
drenched in desire to be heard,
ocean dweller, 
a sailor,
an ink blot,
on my psyche's paper,
rustling in the storm,
not torn,
nor crumpled,
like a child's innocence,
what is he?
a writer?
a dreamer?
a thinker?
or may be 

just a voice!!


It’s my claim to fame
the fabric said to the hand
I’ll make your heart melt
with my extraordinary softness
I feel lost without a name
I need a designation
dashing dapper dare I say svelte
the hand’s reply was positively grand
Bequeathing a moniker sweet as a kiss
From this day forward you’ll be felt

                                                                 AMBER EASY

Gush and rush
to your brain and toes
Godspeed to your knees
Bow at the feet of the toads
When their mouths swell
take heed of the stoic repose
in the face of environmental ruin
While for us this feeling of dread
Well it comes and goes
Just the life of a human
lost in our own head I suppose
That’s what they keep telling me
but nothing is true man
because no one knows
how things’ll turn out to be
when the sun burns out
and the final wind blows
So I’ll just open my heart
pour it all out
however this love spills
I’ll just let it be so
a buoy in an ocean of doubt
clutching my straw
smugly fulfilled
a fool in the flow
holding fast to outlast
the highs and lows


 Chad Bittner Hurt has always expressed himself through creative endeavors whether he was writing epic tales for his menagerie of action figures, studying musical theater, and producing electronic music. Then when he was first exposed to Buddhist philosophy he sought to dedicate himself to a life of contemplation as a monk. After selling his belongings and cropping his coif, the inevitable he met the love of his life and reframed his perspective to pursue marriage and family.  Chad’s poetry is inspired by his devotion to spirituality, family, and service. He is a big softy that speaks in spells, conjuring the lovely on a daily basis.
YOU CAN FIND MORE OF HIM @ http://grosstosubtle.com


Looking out the frozen window on this February morning,
I hear the Herald of spring on his perch above the garden.
His dapper vestment of feathers for official declaration.
The red-winged blackbird's shrill announcement of spring,
Melodious in the crisp cold air of dying winter.
Shake off those blankets of mother's bundling.
Hear the humming of the giant yellow sun rising.
It is time to wake, young princes,
Into the garden of new beginnings.
He calls for you, sent by God's hand.
His duty done, he flies to other sleepers.
Awake, awake to hope and new life.
Cries the Herald of Spring.


I Weave

I weave a garland of the
Flowers that hang on your gate.
They bleed soft purples and pinks
Petals that still hold heaven's dew,
But they pale against your beauty.

I gather the crystals of the earth
Wash them in the waters,
Dry them in the kisses of the sun,
But the lights of your eyes
Make them seem stones.

I find the fire at the core of being
And in it all the desires of this world.
Yet, when I bring it to you,
It becomes a candle in the ocean,

Compared to your radiance.

© Annamaria Ayyad


 Annamaria Ayyad

  Annamaria Ayyad is a working mother of four who enjoys writing as a hobby.  She also spends her spare time sketching  the nature around her town and painting murals for children’s rooms.  She is originally from Molise, Italy, but was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and now resides in Woodbridge, Ontario.  She can be contacted at annamaria.ayyad@gmail.com

(Thank you for reading the guest post by Annamaria Ayyad.... keep visiting for more)

(The first half of the story was contributed by a friend, Snigdha, who by herself is an excellent freelance writer)

       The blazing sun shone like a diamond. Its rays were so bright that humans flinched at its shine and in those sunny rays was a man of magnificence. His robes shined as the rays tell on it. His eyes were so black that you could tell the empty void just by a glance. His wispy golden hair dazzled and swayed with the wind. But it wasn’t any of these that defined his magnificence. It was a pair of black wings that were attached to his back, like a shroud that covers a corpse. His gaze was fixed at something that no one else could see. His eyes, filled with loneliness, began to fill with hope he wished he never had. He quirts his gaze in frustration, but he couldn’t do for a long time because his eyes seeks that one thing he can never have, a woman. His eyes, his heart, his body and his soul seeks that woman. A woman so different from him, in mind, in body, in soul, aura, that it ached just to look at her. He hardens his gaze and turns away from her, trying to be go unheeded from everyone and most importantly from the woman, he loves, for he was not there to love her but KILL HER!!!!

      But how could he hurt the one he now loved the most. Guilt filled his empty eyes and the aroma that the wind carried, seems to kill something inside him. He caught a last glance of her from the corners of his eyes. The glance that would suffice for the rest of his oblivion life and her smell would keep him alive till his last breath. The little withered leaves at his feet rustled and the sun hid himself behind the clouds in fear as if it knew what his masters would do to him if he left the woman alive, the angel that fell from heaven. With his serene disposal and chaotic heart he widespread his wings for once to fly away and embrace what may come, for life or death did not matter to him anymore because he was already leaving himself with her.
                                     But the fate has scripted a whole different story on the universe’s psyche and what it withheld was unheard of. She swiftly moved towards him amidst the rustling leaves. Everything fell silent and the sun peeped from the corner of a cloud, still apprehensive. His dark wings embraced him more as she neared, as if they fear they would part from him. She reached him and drew her petal soft palm from her white gown to place it on his shoulder. The touch felt like a long craved cupid’s arrow and he felt a deep sting till his nerves. He felt dying. He felt destroyed.
                            He stooped on the ground, screaming inside as his wings fell off on his sides. His eyes glowed like a diamond with her aura in it. He peeped up to realize that it was this touch that was going to break his curse, make him human again, allow him to be in love. HE WAS REBORN.

(Thank you for reading)